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I am ABDULAKEEM AMOO , a teacher ,Clinical laboratory scientist, writer , researcher and curator of the world best website on health – totalhealth24.com.

After losing someone dear to me to Breast cancer in 2015 as a university student of Clinical laboratory science , with some years of experience in the clinical laboratory, I understood better how essential and important basic knowledge on health and medical subjects could be to everyone .

2015 event lead me to creating a shortly researched daily messages for health and medical practitioners on Fb, Whatsapp and Instagram ,I named it MEDLABINFO. I reached over twenty thousand 20,000 users with this.

Here I am with Totalhealth24!



What I can do for you.

Have you ever thought of how you could research and create contents in the  HEALTH niche?

how you could create and make your products gain the required attention on the web or move those BEAUTY and HEALTHY products of yours? I am a partner you should talk to.

I am here for you, I’ll help you learn, write and create impressive content on health.
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