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To bulk up  your muscle is hard and yes, some foods will only make the process easier.

Bodybuilding is a process that involves repeated stress which stimulates an increase in muscle mass. The stress induced however triggers the production of some essential nutrients in the body to form more muscle fibers.

Most of these nutrients are obtained from diets and needs to be incorporated into your meals continually as a bodybuilder.

Are you tired of dairies and the common bodybuilding diets?  Here are ten uncommon foods that are seldom recommended but also have a tremendous nutritional effect on muscle growth, they’ve been proven to make you bulk up.



Avocados popularly known for its anti-oxidant properties (carotenoids) help maintain a healthy immune

system and aids cell growth. It also aids digestion; decreases the risk of depression and prevent cancer.




Avocado contains about 20 vitamins and minerals and it enhances the production of testosterone and

growth hormone regarded to enhance muscle growth.


The average avocado contains 15g of mono-saturated fat which unlike saturated fat does not add fat to

the midsection of the body, and by this it even out the bodybuilding process.  Mono-saturated fats are

also useful in muscle repair and enables fast recovery.




Though not really a food, but it like any other food on the list a great source of mono-saturated fat,

which helps to stimulates production of protein and it synthesis into muscles.


Olive oil


It has the ability to lower cholesterol levels and also aids healthy bone building. Fat from olive oil is

required for releasing carbohydrate energy which is needed in order to bulk up.




Almonds are nutritionally dense nuts full of protein and also very high in fiber. It contains vital minerals,

vitamins and antioxidants which aids muscle growth.




Almonds are good sources of manganese and copper which prevent muscle atrophy and aid energy

building. Due to it high fiber, protein and healthy fats contents, it help controls the body’s glucose level

as it stabilizes the rise of insulin.




According to an article in the June 2012 issue of “PLoS One, its been found out that apple peels contains

Ursolic acid which promotes muscle growth and prevents muscle wasting.


Apple Peel


Also, ageing causes a depletion of a protein called ATF4 which is essential for muscle strength and

growth which is found to be present in apple peels thereby, leading to increase in muscle strength.

Appart from the dangers of insecticide consumption associated with improperly washed apple, apple

peel consumption is a sure way to bulk up.




Pumpkin seed


These seeds are nutrient dense seeds and also filled with dietary fibers and a little quantity of these seeds can make you feel full without compromising the nutrient content.


This seed potentially increases testosterone levels, rich in unsaturated fat which are necessary for the stimulation of muscle growth. To bulk up fast, include these seeds in your diet and you will be amazed by the result.




These are excellent sources of leucine which aid the muscle reviving process. It also contains a high dose

of protein, low in fat and high in fibers.


Green Peas


The proteins that can be found in peas contain specific muscle-building branched chain amino acid and

glutamine which aids the stimulation of protein synthesis after vigorous exercises.




Coconut oil has a strong history of use and  shelf life of about two years.

It is a good source of mono-saturated fat which reduces the rate of carbohydrate digestion, resulting in

an increase in the net energy retained by the body which is necessary during workouts for the bulking  up effectively.


Coconut oil


Moreover, some studies have shown that the oil can improve brain function due to ketone production

after the oil consumption.

Ketones can be used by the body as a great energy source, it boosts and sustains the body’s energy

levels and additionally, it triggers testosterone production which in turn stimulates muscle growth.




Some studies have found the protein responsible for muscle weakness to be ATF4, which is a

transcription factor that alters the gene expressions in skeletal muscle which is lost in old age, and its

absence reduces muscle protein synthesis, strength and mass.


Green Tomatoes


Sip this, two natural compounds are present in tomatoes which have been proven to increase the

synthesis of ATF4 in skeletal muscle. The unripe tomatoes are one of the rich sources of Tomatidine,

which stimulates human muscle cells and grow muscle mass needed to bulk up.




Generally, proteins are the most stressed nutrients regarded as essential for muscle building,but Avena

sativa‘s (Oatmeal) fats and carbohydrates are just as important. Oatmeal is a good source of iron which

aids the transportation of iron to bloodstream and muscles and niacin help to convert carbohydrate into

energy and aids proper protein utilization.

Oat meal


Additionally, it is rich in vitamin, minerals and fibers and assists the absorption of muscle building

nutrients more effectively.




Rich in vitamin A in form of beta-carotene which has excellent anti-oxidant properties which aid

protection from free radicals. It also aids muscle repair.


Sweet potatoes


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